Seminars for individuals, couples and Managers

Creating a Loving Relationship



  • Concepts about relationships, true intimacy, reality of control, satisfying sexual interactions 
  • Boundaries – taking responsibility for one’s self
  • Concepts and tools for conflict resolution to prevent or limit conflict and its damage
  • Communication skills (Effective Listening) 
  • Discovering your needs in the relationship by defining and presenting your needs blueprint
  • Financial resolutions
  • Sexual exploration, information and satisfaction
  • Male and female issues

Positive Parenting



  • Learn how to be more consistent, compassionate, and effective as parent
  • The Illusion and Reality of Control
  • Communication skills (Effective Listening!)
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • What do you bring to the mix?
  • Creating an effective atmosphere for learning
  • Consistent rules and proper consequences
  • Separating the person-hood from behavior

Effective Managers


  • Understanding your own personality,
  • Discover you own self what you bring to the mix
  • Illusion & Reality of Control
  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • How to influence your subordinates
  • Communication - Effective Listening

Dealing with the Problem Employee


  • Problem employee is a human with problems
  • Finding resources to help
  • Document problems from the beginning
  • Set out specific changes needed
  • Present in positive, negative, positive
  • Set out consequences for positive and Negative changes
  • Review and implement consequences
  • Keeping the job is the employees responsibility